GRADSA Family Reimbursement

GRADSA offers reimbursement for medical and/ or educational expenses related to the individuals with Down Syndrome, who GRADSA serves. The maximum amount, per individual with Down Syndrome, each year, is $400. It’s important to remember GRADSA annually allots $5,000 for this reimbursement pool, so we ask you only request reimbursement for situations where it is vital, and only request the amount needed. Once the $5,000 is spent, the reimbursement will be unavailable for the remainder of the fiscal year. 

This is a wonderful resource for GRADSA families, who need the assistance. Please be considerate of all GRADSA families when applying for reimbursement.

Once the request has been submitted, a copy of all receipts must be emailed to GRADSA at the email below, and the Board will vote on the reimbursement before it is or is “not” approved and issued. This vote will take place during the following month’s Board meeting. The Board meets the second Monday of each month. 

Email or call/text 270-993-2192