Awareness Project

“We’re More Alike Than Different”

A huge thank you to Owensboro Health Community Grant for allowing us to  have this opportunity.  From the billboards with individual videos to the big video featuring several schools, this project was AMAZING!  Please take the time to watch all the videos as they are so wonderful by clicking on the name in the blue box on the right.  There are 6 short videos featuring Michael Smith, Mitchell Hensley, Dana Hamilton, Matthew Huston, Leland Isbill and Sam Winstead.  The big video features several of our sweet individuals with Down syndrome in the school setting.  No matter how you look at it, We Really are More Alike than Different!  Huge thank you to Mike Dunn with Evermore Productions.  Mike’s heart and soul was put into the making of these videos and we are so very thankful for him.   Enjoy!