A Promising Future Together – Produced by the National Down Syndrome Society to educate new parents.

As a Parent, What Can I Do To Improve My Child’s Feeding Skills and Speech Clarity – A DVD compiled by Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson specifically for parents with questions about feeding safety and speech clarity.

Baby Builders – A developmental exercise program filled with exercises to stimulate a baby’s development from the time he is born until he is able to walk by himself.

Celebrating Life with Down Syndrome DVD – Produced by Band of Angels celebrating individuals with Down syndrome.

Changing Lives: Down Syndrome and the Health Care Professional – Parents share their experiences of how the diagnosis of Down syndrome was made by their physicians. Also includes health care professionals discussing medical issues pertinent to Down syndrome.

Dakota’s Pride – A heartwarming documentary about a father’s search for the truth about Down syndrome.

Discovery – Pathways to better speech for children with Down syndrome.

Down Syndrome: The First 18 Months – An educational video for new parents which covers health concerns, therapies, & expectations.

Emma’s Gifts – A documentary that tells the story of Emma, an amazing little girl with Down syndrome, her twin sister Abigale and their parents Mitzi and Michael.

Everyone Counts: Teaching Acceptance and Inclusion – Two videos for elementary age students designed to increase awareness and acceptance of their classmates who have Down syndrome.

Imagine the Possibilities – A documentary produced by the Karen Gaffney Foundation on the Team Gaffney relay swim.

Inclusion in Education (4) – Produced by the Kentucky Developmental Disabilities Council to promote inclusion for students with disabilities.

It’s My Life – On the Road to Freedom (3) – Produced by the Kentucky Developmental Disabilities Council.

Kids with Down Syndrome: Staying Healthy and Making Friends – A follow up to Down Syndrome: The First 18 Months, this DVD explores the many milestones of childhood with Down syndrome, including walking, talking, reading, friendships, going to school, toilet training, behavior issues, medical issues, and IEP preparation.

Life Goes On – First season of the popular 80’s television show featuring Chris Burke.

Love and Learning Program – This program helps children with developmental disabilities in their language and reading development. There are 7 kits designed to help the child as he/she progresses to the next level.

Negotiating the ARC – Published by Kentucky Protection and Advocacy, Kentucky Council on Developmental Disabilities, and the Human Development Institute at the University of Kentucky.

Opening the Doors of Tomorrow, Today – Geared toward educators, focusing on the keys to successful inclusion from a student’s point of view; produced by the Karen Gaffney Foundation.

Peace of Mind – Guides you in planning for the future of your loved one with a disability.

Shorty – A documentary about a 55-year old man with Down syndrome and the impact he made on his community.

Sign with your Baby by Joseph Garcia – This video shows parents how to teach their toddlers simple signs to communicate their needs.

Signing Time Videos (Everyday Signs, Playtime Signs, My First Signs) – Teaches beginning signs to help children communicate using ASL.

The Child King – The inspirational story of a determined young man with Down syndrome who takes his little brother on a life-changing quest to find Santa Claus at the North Pole.

What Did You Say? – A guide to speech intelligibility in people with Down syndrome.