GRADSA offers their services to your family in the following areas:


GRADSA offers Education/Conference Funding and Travel Reimbursement Funding to our families.  Please click on these items in the blue box to your right to get more information.

Hospital Outreach

GRADSA understands how lonely and isolating it can be when your child is hospitalized. We support families during a medical crisis by providing care packages, helping with meals, and making hospital visits.  If you know of a family that is hospitalized or just returning home from the hospital please contact us at 270-681-5313 or


GRADSA offers seminars to provide continuing education for parents and professionals. We host an annual Education Fair and maintain a Resource Library with a variety of books and videos for loan.  If you have a topic that you want GRADSA to provide information on please contact us at 270-681-5313 or

New Parent Outreach Program

GRADSA is committed to helping ease the stress during this time of adjustment by providing information, support, and encouragement to new families.  If you know of any new families please contact GRADSA at 270-681-5313.

Social Events

GRADSA hosts several social activities each year in an effort to help build friendships with other member families.  Some of these are the Christmas Party, Pool Party, Socials and other events.