Education/Conference Funding


To encourage individuals with Down syndrome, their families and GRADSA leadership to continue their education through conferences, seminars, and extra-curricular activities.  Funds are to assist with registration, transportation and other associated expenses.


An individual with Down syndrome, a parent or legal guardian of an individual with Down syndrome or a GRADSA board/committee member.


Submit the application by clicking on link at bottom of this page.  Mail receipts to GRADSA, PO Box 2031, Owensboro, KY 42302 or email to


•    Completed application form

•    Receipts for which reimbursement is being requested


All requests are subject to funding availability and must be approved by the board prior to reimbursement.  Requests must be submitted within 30 days of the date printed on the receipts or within 30 days following the event date.  GRADSA will only reimburse for actual expenses incurred after the event has begun or has taken place.  In addition, GRADSA requests that the beneficiary or their family submit or present a brief summary to the board of how the event was beneficial.  Any conferences or seminars must be specific to the Down syndrome or Special Needs Community.  Scholarships will be awarded between $150-$500, with priority given to those that can most adequately share their experience with the GRADSA community.  Maximum scholarship of $500 per family per calendar year.

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GRADSA Education Funding Application

 Revised 12/2014